The XII International Scientific Conference

Emerging Trends in Business Economics: Towards Competitiveness, Digitalization and Financial Innovation, Organized by Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia and Institute of Economics, Skopje, North Macedonia

Belgrade, 28-29 October 2020

Institute of Economic Sciences (IEN) is announcing XII International Scientific Conference. Each year the Conference brings together international researchers, scholars and policymakers to present and discuss research on the frontiers of knowledge of selected topics in the field of economics sciences. The theme of this year’s conference – Emerging trends in business economics: towards competitiveness, digitalization and financial innovation – is chosen so broadly to accommodate diverse issues and implications innovations and digitalization introduced are bringing to the businesses and society. The main aim of the Conference is to share knowledge and expertise in the wide areas of economy in the digital era. We tend to bring together researchers, scholars, students of the doctoral studies and policymakers to present their ideas and work among the community, to receive feedbacks and enjoy great networking opportunities.