Research Network on Resources Economics and Bioeconomy

The main objectives of the RebResNet are:

- promotion of scientific knowledge transfer, experiences and achievements of all the network members to inform, help and support stakeholders, policy makers and other decidents in field of economics strategies for sustainable economic development, economic resources and bioeconomy;

- using the international scientific co-operation and partners experiences in order to undertake steps for increase the application and participation into international scientific research programmes;

- multinational research dissemination in conferences and workshops;

- research analysis and factsheets, strategies and action plans in field of valuing economic resources and bioeconomics;

- to design and develop cutting edge economic solutions for promoting a bio-based;

- developing a collaborative working environment in field of economic resources management, distribution, utilization and equity, collaborative development, growth and poverty reduction;

- to stimulate international scientific interaction and policy discussions in related fields;

- enhancing applications of specific economic instruments and research methods in field of economic resources utilization with particular emphasis on biobased economy principles consolidation.